About Us

Family Owned, Family Operated, Family Orientated


C&C Van Rental was founded in April of 2006.  It is owned and operated by a brother and sister pair, that learned the business from their father who worked in the car rental industry his whole life.  After working in the business for 20 years, Dad decided to venture out on his own.  He owned his own extrememly successful van rental fleet business for 15 years, until a semi-retirement.  We decided to scale down the business with a stronger emphasis on quality rather than quantity.  


It was always Dad's dream for his children to eventually take the business and make it whatever they wanted it to be.  Dad is now gone, and we are working dilligently to make this dream a reality.  


When you rent from C&C, you get a real connection.  You get your vans delivered by the family that runs the business.  Everyone from cousins, uncles, aunts, sisters and the matriarch of the family.  We are all deeply involved with the service.  Its what we live for.  


When you have a question, concern or a problem, you call or email us.  Our office never closes.  We're open on all holidays, weekends and all hours of the night. Thats what true service is, and thats what you get when you do business with people that are working for you.